Barbara Kay sur les dérapages de Radio-Canada

La chroniqueuse Barbara Kay revient sur la nouvelle définition de “prisonnier politique”  de Radio-Canada et les dérapages continus notre service public d’information dans son traitement d’Israël et du conflit avec les Palestiniens:

On May 8 HonestReporting Canada (HRC), which monitors the media for anti-Israel bias, and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) wrote to Radio-Canada, complaining of ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau’s validation of reporter Ginette Lamarche’s multiple references last autumn to “political prisoners” in describing Palestinian criminals held in Israeli jails.


The ombudsman’s willed commingling of actual criminals with garden-variety protesters and activists sets a bad precedent. Misdirection in reporting and language corruption as a means of mainstreaming anti-Israel sentiment — Israel as an “apartheid” nation being the most notable and successfully peddled myth — are the strategies of anti-Zionists bent on demonizing and delegitimating Israel. Rabid anti-Zionists will welcome the ombudsman’s review with delight.


The CBC used to show a great deal of bias against Israel in its reportage, but eventually could not ignore the barrage of criticism its skewed reportage attracted. Eventually Neil Macdonald, Lamarche’s soul brother at the CBC, was withdrawn from the Middle East.

Lire la chronique intégrale sur le site du National Post

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